Some kind of Lovely…

Thanks to Samantha for the blog title, which is a chapter title from a favourite book and which she thought would suit this post… and it does, perfectly!

This weekend my lovely daughters gave me gifts, for no other reason than they’re Adorable Beings.

Sam drew me this gorgeous name plaque which she says represents the ‘writing me’. 

Judging by the last picture, I think she has more confidence in my future than I do… ha!

And Jess wrote this beautiful little poem. 

In case you’re wondering (as, indeed, was I), the unfortunate Ken mentioned here is that of Barbie fame… Jess wishes him dead. 

Some may read that and think I’ve spawned a monster – but I know I’ve just inflicted upon the world yet another writer. 

We also asked the Delphic Oracle what is the meaning of life? It gave us this answer:

Let there be, for a time, no driving aim;
No mission, no goal, no fury’d intent.
Notice the hours — how they lengthen and breathe:
Like dust in the sunset, thy soul’s content.

It’s not often the Oracle spouts anything other than amusing vague ramblings, but I think this is actually quite profound… and might be its finest effort yet. 


5 Replies to “Some kind of Lovely…”

  1. I think we've suspected for a while that Jess was (whispers) 'one of us'. I love the line 'The sun and clouds must die with Ken'. It did, though, remind me of the time when my stepson crucified his Action Man.

  2. Yet more proof of the Dent girls' brilliance. Creativity just flows out of your lot doesn't it? Perhaps there's something in the waters up there. I hope they don't find it too easy though, and decide to become engineers when they're older. (Personally, I'd push them towards becoming plumbers. You can't get enough good plumbers!)It's a great pic of all of you. Especially Sam in the dark glasses, looking ever so mysterious.

  3. Thanks Bill, thanks Kim. Yes this was last year, Amsterdam airport – flight delayed and we were pooped.Plumber would be good but I think they're both a bit too coy for the "workman's crack" element of the job.

  4. Lovely post, Sandie….fabulous artwork and poetry. And, my, the Oracle speaketh…I asked it a couple of questions but, sadly, its answers made no sense to me. :(And yeah, like Frankie says, WHY must Ken die?We need to know. jxxx

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