Congratulations… it’s a Farce!

My new baby has been conceived (after several late nights groping for ideas… and lots of laughter) and it’s a farce.

Having spent the last two years immersed in a dark, dark literary place with The Tipping Point I was ready for something a little lighter and came up with the (perhaps crazy) notion of writing a farce in novel form. Can this work? Farces are best suited to stage/film – sustaining the necessary pace and humour over the length of a novel..?

I’m not at all sure, but the outline is taking shape and I haven’t laughed this much in a long time… it has to be worth pursuing.

Working title is La Folie and I’m having a lot of fun with muddled identities, mocking the world of online relationships and generally creating a cast of hapless idiots to feed my burgeoning Humour Addiction.

Watch this space…