This is how I unwind…

This is how I unwind...

When the incessant toil of work takes over – for weeks on end – and Life appears to consist of nothing but rows and rows of someone else’s text and figures and deadlines, and Life outside of work is all school reports and homework and nagging and laundry and cooking and trying to keep an old, draughty house warm, and the days get darker and colder, damp and gloomy, and a person’s computer picks up a virus and all goes haywire and, frankly, everything becomes something of a drudge and hibernation starts to look like the most civilised of mammalian behaviours… well, a person needs to take solace, I think, in pictures. Something simple, easy on the eye, something soothing.

I love to relax by fiddling with design – book covers, or anything remotely “prettified” – and the quiet, pleasant focus of creating.

So I played around with a new cover for my work in progress, The Town that Danced, which hopefully will be ready for publication by spring 2014, and am quite happy with the results.


4 Replies to “This is how I unwind…”

  1. Powerful and memorable comes to mind. More than the head-on stare of the owl, it’s the implicit contradiction of the solid typeface for the word ‘Danced’ that gives me creeps, probably what’s intended. Looking forward to the read 🙂

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