Solipsistic films

I enjoy making silly little films. They have no particular artistic merit, they’re more just waffling to camera than anything else, but the making and editing is a form of relaxation for me. Their presence online is a bit of a see-saw though… I tend to take them down again on a regular basis as they often seem a needless, pointless vanity. But for now, they’re up, so here’s a selection:

The Night We Never Danced is the reading of a short story I wrote for the Words to Music anthology. The story was a dream – pretty much written down in a couple of hours on waking, when I was still feeling disoriented from that dream. Our stories in the anthology were written from the inspiration of a given song. I’d already written mine (State of Undressed) but noticed a song on the ‘spare’ list which I thought was a good fit for the dream, and so it went into the anthology too. This film brings together the story and that song: Twilight Time by the Platters.

My New Shed is just me painting lyrics onto the wall of my (then) writing shed, accompanied by the wonderful Annie Lennox singing Why. Painting – whether artistically or as a domestic decorating endeavour – is another thing I find very relaxing, and Annie’s live version of this song is one of her most powerful performances and I love it.

The short film The Virtual World is the most likely one to vanish again. I tend to think the irony intended at the start of this film sort of backfires a bit, so I often remove it. Basically I have a real love/hate relationship with the online world – social media in particular – and this film reflects a few of those thoughts.

On a similar theme, my latest offering – The Virtual World II – takes a slightly more lighthearted look at the difference between the Real and the Virtual. I had a lot of fun making this one… though I cut out ten times as much as is left in.

Another one highly likely to vanish because it’s of a more personal nature is In the Garden. Made a three or four years ago, in what was then our garden, with my gorgeous daughters, hot sunshine (scorched grass!), and a trampoline, set against the wonderful sound of Van Morrison’s In the Garden. Re-watching this one brings much joy. I don’t film the children a lot – I think parents often miss out on events by being behind a camera rather than part of the action – but I’m glad I made this. They’ve grown up a lot since, the eldest probably wouldn’t even appear on a film now if I asked her to, so it’s nice to have captured a happy memory forever.


2 Replies to “Solipsistic films”

  1. Ha ha, yes… and that snow scene was real! Albeit I wasn’t quite as naked as the video suggested, but it was still bloody freezing when the kids threw snow at me! 😀

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