The Night We Never Danced

From Thoughts from the Shed

I made another film. I’m not sure which is most fun, the actual filming (there’s something sublime about An Uninterrupted Opportunity To Talk) or the editing process.

It’s very much like writing – the initial creation of something and the editing to get it right.
And both elements are enjoyable in their own way. Getting an idea on paper is a buzz as is filming random waffle. But the post-writing/filming editing is possibly even more satisfying – hacking at a first draft, working up themes, crafting rhythm & pace for the written text; cutting out extraneous waffle, enhancing with music tracks, playing with effects, for the film.
In this film, I read a short story and talk a bit about characters and how they’re inspired (for me, that is – would be interested to hear how it works for everyone else).
Hope you like it..!