Published, here and there…

Well, what a journey…

A book I’d almost written off two or so years ago lay dormant, unloved – I was exhausted, really, after finishing it in 2010, and suddenly I hated it, it had taken too much out of me perhaps – lay in silence until early 2013, when I figured perhaps another look was due. And I liked it again, but it had flaws… I fixed them, the book grew on Sky cover thumbme once more…

So, to cut a long story short, the book – The Sky is Not Blue – is now published, via Mad Bear Books, in ebook and paperback form, and available through the usual online distribution channels (Amazon UK and other international Amazon sites etc.), will shortly be available for direct purchase through the Mad Bear Books website and, hopefully, through a few real life bricks-n-mortar booksellers too if my charm skills come true.

I haven’t been online much, haven’t done the manic self-promo stuff… can’t bring myself to foist my wares on anybody… a Kirby saleswoman I’d never have made! – but it’s there, for anyone who’s interested and, whilst it sits on the commercial shelf, I’ll just get on with finishing another.

The process of publishing is exhausting. To do a Good Job requires a level of commitment to the end product that goes way beyond the remit of Writer. But it’s all been worth it. To know that I’ve put out there a book I enjoyed writing, enjoyed editing, enjoyed (in a twisted, anally retentive way) formatting… it’s all been worth the effort. This bit now – the selling part – I’m not remotely interested in, am afraid, and so I shall leave my Beast to lurk and wait for the chance encounter with a stranger…

I’m such a romantic at heart.



6 Replies to “Published, here and there…”

  1. How I envy your laissez faire…Nobody could loath the self promotion more than me, but good friends all seem to understand and that certainly helps. The real hell of it is that the business of running alone and uphill does take it all out of you, to the point that selling has one wondering what one is selling…was it ever as worthy as its driving compulsion suggested? Just when you need real self belief it has sidled out of the door and is legging it down the garden path…one is SOOO grateful for a tidbit of affirmation. Today I bought your book and you can thank Ashen for that (so can I… she will restore me to fiction if anyone will) Tired of Jung et al

  2. Thank you, Philippa! I hope you enjoy it… the pressure is certainly on to compete with Jung et al… and, indeed, your own wonderful tome.

    Yes, the self-promo doesn’t sit well and, of course, eats horribly into writing time – which itself is already shortened by domestic and work demands… too many projects, too little time, and when listed in order of priority, I’m afraid promoting what is essentially a finished creative project (and hence, moved on from) comes way down the list.

    Which is probably not the best attitude to have if one wishes to generate sales!

    I live in hope of a cumulative effect… this I hear is what can happen to the indie published book – that a second book helps the first, a third book helps again, etc. etc. and this theory sits well, I think, with the general thought “should I promote or should I write?” and pretty much answers the question.

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