Today I met…

dairefracted… Dai Lowe. A nihilistic legend amidst the online writing community.

It may disappoint folk to hear that he’s actually incredibly jolly and smiley. It’ll be less of a surprise to hear he’s witty, informed, charming and entertaining.

He talks about food. I adore foodie talk. So we did talk food for a bit – Spanish, mainly – and then about films… I like relatively obscure, foreign stuff, and it’s always good to get new tips. Dai, I think, has a stronger stomach than I for the more experimental and oft raw offering… but there was common ground on some things and a few recommendations I shall doubtless try out. Literature, life, love… I could happily have stayed and chatted for hours but, alas, he had to catch another train.

Dai is on a tour of Poignant Personal Places – he calls it his Farewell tour of the UK, measured in Cappuccinos… but he’s not really leaving, though today he did show me the map marking his tour, and the ditch in which he wishes, at some point, to curl up in the rain and die. But I suspect he’ll plod on for a bit yet. He’s barely started the tour and the weather’s too good to die in a ditch in the rain. You can follow his exploits here: Chasing the Frothy Bubbles.

As Dai’s also an artist, I figured this was good enough excuse to doctor the only photo taken today which had (for me at least) come out quite bizarrely unflattering… damn that barista and his poor camera skills. It’s not so bad now. And it sort of reflects the heat of the day…


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