Credo quia absurdum…

I love New Year! Can’t abide Christmas but am passionately fond of the aftermath. I’m an Optimist at heart and what better time for such than the start of a fresh new year… the ending of a sullied, old one?

2009 was a peculiar period – a bit of a mixed bag. On the positive side, I’ve learned a lot as a writer, have finished writing a book and, for the first time, am actually happy with what has been created. And, of course, meeting so many interesting and helpful writerly people whose insight has seriously helped improve The Tipping Point has been amazing this year.

I’ve learned much about how other writers write – and the value of this cannot be understated. Not only the realisation that the frustrations and self-doubt are entirely normal for the writer, but also the technical aspects… so many fresh perspectives, tips, styles… being able to bounce ideas off others – all this has been fantastic to one who spent years writing alone in her shed.

I’m very happy with the online (and offline) friends made on Authonomy and think, if nothing else, it has made being a part of that website worthwhile. I now have more writers on my Facebook friends list than any other kind of person and this brings me joy. These are people who will instantly feedback on request to a written scene, idea or even scream of panic… because these are people who understand – which is again, something that I did not have in my pre-Authonomy existence.

On a less positive note, 2009 has shown me that on a personal level I perhaps think too much, over-analyse, cogitate rather more ardently than is wise… and I have been told – several times and by several people – I am too open, too demanding, too bloody transparent… ex abundantia enim cordis os loquitur. If nothing else, it has been a surprise to find in 2009 I am far closer in nature to my youthful self than I realised. However, this is not necessarily a Good Thing.

I became far less cynical over 2009 – and really, I needed that – but, as any biologist knows, a creature temporarily without shell is incredibly vulnerable and whilst I flatly refuse to return to my pre-2009 Cynical State no matter how many mightier creatures try to eat my soft flesh, I will approach the forthcoming year with a more wary eye.

But! It is the 31st December… time for renewal and exorcism of Past Follies. I will enter 2010 far happier than I entered 2009. I start this new year with one full draft of a novel, of which I am quite proud, and which is currently being given the once-over by the Great Osiander; a detailed outline for a new novel – my farce, La Folie – which I am really going to have some fun writing; and some lovely new Real Life writer friends and a whole host of interesting, witty & knowledgeable Virtual ones.

Cheers! And Happy, Successful New Year to all!

16 Replies to “Credo quia absurdum…”

  1. In 2009 I uploaded my unfinished novel onto authonomy and met someone named Sandie Dent. I knew immediately that she wasa) very cleverb) rather cynicalc) would be difficult to win over (and get her to back my book!)Eventually, after much tooing-and-froing, editing and polishing, she backed my book. But what also happened amidst all that tooing-and-froing (and her pointing out where I'd missed a comma, misused an apostrophe and muddled my tenses – something I'm very good at)I became aware that behind this cynical, razor-sharp wit is …and even more cynical, razor-sharp wit. NO! (sorry, couldn't resist) No, what I discovered is what I suspected: that behind the tough outer-shell is a very generous, enormous heart.Sandie is without doubt a truly gifted writer. And I'm happy to be the Founder of both The Sandie Dent Fan Club and The Sandie Dent Appreciation Society (details of subs below). I just hope that she does as she says in 2010; learns to love herself a bit more, and others (sometimes less worthy) a little less. Oh, and that she gets on with her writing, which she was surely born to do.God Bless Sandie Dent!! (and all who sail on 'er?)

  2. I think I'm going to cry. I think I love you.(Can we run away to the Amalfi Coast now, 'cause I've been having a lot of boat-related dreams and the synchronicity of you saying "all who sail on 'er" cannot be ignored)xxx

  3. p.s. The real reason I was so tardy in reviewing your book early 2009 is because I am totally in awe of anyone who writes historical fiction and, as a newbie on the site, was terrified I wouldn't be able to crit it with any degree of authenticity.(and that's the truth!)

  4. Couldn't agree more about the Authonomites. I love being on there and having met people such as yourself and being able to read your wonderful book. Having put my book amongst such skilled writers such as yourself, I feel a total fraud. Thanks for accepting me so warmly. Bless you and here's to a hugely successful 2010 for you. Lorraine. xxx

  5. Much of what you said there could have been my own musings Sandie – Autho has given me a richness in my life through contact with other writers which I didn't have a couple of years ago, and that is what I'll carry forward with me, whatever else happens this year. Tricia (P J)

  6. I'm going to sound redundant, and worse, I'm late to the table – but – I concur! With everything everyone else have said in your post. I think I've gotten better at writing since joining authonomy, but I know I've gotten more dedicated to trying. And the people I've 'met' online have enriched my life considerably.

  7. I think I must have launched a lot of ships in another life, cause that phrase pops out so easily(and I'm quite partial to large bottles of champagne).When we do a joint book tour – promoting, signing and making longed-for guest appearances on the continent, we'll get Dick to make a detour and head to the Amalfi coast.*flutter*

  8. I too started 2009 spending lots of tyime on Authonomy and, even though I'd already had stuff published, I learned a lot about writing in general and my writing in particular from the generous open people there. I also remember reading some books which made me wonder why the hell they hadn't been snapped up by publishers and/or agents already. Tipping Point was one of them. Best of luck with it, Sandie, and with your other endeavours this year.

  9. See what I mean about Lovely People?Not sure how I'd cope with an Appreciation Society in my honour. It'd be okay as long as there were two rules. Firstly, you must all sing my praises to strangers far and wide – this would be an invaluable help, it is true. BUT… the second rule would be a BAN on sycophancy. I don't think I could stand it – I'm so used to being abused by you all. So, as you were please.Free drinks? Hope so. Joodith's in charge of the bar… mine's a large vodka.

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