Je Suis Libéré!

Free, that is, from the constraints of literary fiction. The farce is proving a real pleasure to work on due, I think, partly to the fact that it’s plot-driven – which is a *lot* of fun – and partly because the characters must be unexplored and so the usual resultant angst from over-analysing the human condition is just not applicable here. It’s a veritable literary romp!

My natural tendency is to delve deep into a character’s psyche – work out why they are so evil/miserable/manipulative whatever – but this is just not required for a farce. Here the characters can be extreme, have serious defaults in their characters, and yet at no point do I, the writer, need to over-think this… the characters just are.
I am having such a lot of fun with this book. Knowing there are no lines which cannot be crossed, knowing that characters can be utterly crazy without explanation, knowing that the unfeasible is utterly feasible, and knowing that the more layers of mayhem the better… all makes for a great writing experience.
Of course I have no idea yet whether a farce *can* work as a novel. The plot to La Folie reads very much like a play – and, in fact, takes place mainly in one location – and there are certain elements which I know would work beautifully on stage or film but which may not be easy to transmit in narrative… but until I begin the actual writing I can’t see how (or if) all the elements I want to incorporate will actually work in novel form.
But I’m having such a bloody good time planning this thing I’m not going to fret about how it comes together until I start to *put* it together. At the moment I’m writing a detailed, scene-by-scene synopsis. Plot is everything – and the complex strands of mistaken identities, increasing mayhem and things just plain old going wrong is my focus right now. The basic plot is quite simple, it’s the layers of additional confusion/relationships that take the effort… far more complicated than you might think to get those elements right and timed to perfection.
Writing should start in a couple of days. I can sense ‘The Zone’ has almost been reached… leave food and drink at the door please and Do Not Disturb!

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