Methinks I see the wanton hours flee…

… and as they pass, turn back and laugh at me.

~ George Villiers, 2nd Earl of Buckingham.

We should, of course, never waste time – it’s very foolish.

 But there sometimes are tiny moments – just a minute or two… occasionally – when our focus, dedication and drive ebb ever so slightly, our attention wanders a little…

These are a few places I’ve landed on such occasions:

Bookworm – a hugely addictive online game but I like to think it at least productive in sparking brain cells into life rather than killing them off.

If you fail to find words of greater than three letters burning tiles appear. This fire spreads and unless you use the burning tiles quickly, the whole ‘library’ burns down and you lose the game.

The worm also suggests words (“tut” in this snapshot) and gives a bonus score if this word is found…

… it’s massively, massively addictive.

Swedish Furniture Name Generator – totally childish, unproductive and pointless. But it made me laugh.

There are also Ninja names (I’m ‘Kichijiro Uehara-san’), viking (‘Sandie Wartooth’), a band name generator (‘Shooting Sandie & The Eclipse’, hurrah – fame is merely a tune away!), hippie (‘Peace Juniper’) and… ugh, ugh, ugh… a slushy valentine’s day name generator (Mousie Bunnybaps…???!)

Okay, enough silliness. Back to the serious time-wasting…

The wonderful Delphic Oracle.

Bliss. It answers all of Life’s questions with ineffable wisdom… vague, unhelpful even, and yet somehow soothing and quite beautiful for that.

As for George Villiers – whose little ditty titles this blog post – the man was most definitely not a time waster. Indeed, it seems he was probably a keen multi-tasker as, according to his wiki entry, he was taught geometry by Thomas Hobbes, during which lessons he reportedly...

… well, you’ll have to look it up yourselves – next time you have a few minutes to waste.


2 Replies to “Methinks I see the wanton hours flee…”

  1. It's going to be hard to forgive you for this Sandie. I tell myself, at the end of the day, that it's OK to wind down by playing a game for 5 minutes. Half an hour later, I'm still at it. Which makes me decide I need to start winding down half an hour earlier the following day. Now I obviously need to try some of these, so I'll probably start winding down the minute I switch the bloody computer on.

  2. Have you tried Alchemy, Sandie? It's just fabulous. I'm getting right nifty with it!! It's almost like a 'fix'. Have to take turn at it before going to bed!!

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