A Haiku

Time’s fluid
Inclination burns in desert pool
And evaporates


9 Replies to “A Haiku”

  1. Yes, yes… all is possible.Word definitions become more elastic within a poetic allegorical concept, do they not? Thus time takes a fluid form and within this, as with, say, lovers' hearts that burn poetically with desire whilst not once actually catching flame, so inclination can, when it finds itself in a desert wilderness (metaphor!), burn (symbolism!) under the intensity of sun's dry fire without actually catching flame, and thus it – the inclination – being in fluid form, evaporates (analogy!)leaving one quite a dry old stick (figurative representation!)Sheesh. Explanation kills more poems (and poets!) than desert sun fish in oases.

  2. The fluidity of time encompasses the cliché of ‘the river of time’. More interestingly, the image captures time’s elusiveness more than any ‘real’ description could, representing it with a substance that can have liquid (water), solid (ice) and gaseous (steam) manifestations and associations. Not only that, the transitional points between the three separate states, those instants when ice becomes water becomes steam, defy metaphorical analysis. Equally, in its frozen state, it can lie for millennia – existing infinitely – or, as steam, it can vanish and dissipate into the air in seconds.Bloody hell, and that’s just the first two words. Nice one, Sandie.

  3. i suppose my problem is with the word "inclination" per se (all bendy and slopy as dear old inclination tends to be) rather than whether it can metaphorically burn and evaporate.i would have inclined more to a word like "emissions", perhaps, – "emissions burn in desert pool/and evaporate" – although maybe that is overredolent of climate change vocab.. (maybe better with "time's", also, as first word).. another alternative (which however puts the focus on time rather than the inclination) would be "tepidly"…

  4. Thanks, Bill! Think I might employ you as Official Midan Deconstructor because you can clearly find gold where there was merely ash.Freddie… But the poem is an analogy so only inclination, or another word meaning same, will do. It's about a person's inclination to Do waning with time's progression in wilderness conditions, so cannot be "emissions" (unless context shifts somewhat!) or "tepid" which would remove all sense.

  5. Maybe it should say "time is fluid"… as time and inclination are separate, but linked, entities and so as one evaporates so must the other, in either direction.Or maybe I should just have posted my spring flowers Haiku up instead. Ha ha.

  6. How much does an Official Midan Deconstructor earn? And what are the holidays? And how about BUPA (or an equivalent Capitalist perk)? And is there an official residence? If not, does he get accommodation and travel expenses? My people will get back to you with the extended list of queries.

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