Love in an Elevator (till death do us part)…

I was flattered to be asked by the wonderful Year Zero writers to pen a short for the guest author slot on their website this month.

Anyone who hasn’t already checked out the shorts written by the Year Zero writers themselves is missing a treat – great stuff by fantastic writers. I’d recommend taking a good browse through their site.
Their events are a treat too – readings, live music, wine and good company… life doesn’t get much better than that.

6 Replies to “Love in an Elevator (till death do us part)…”

  1. bless you, Sandie. I do hope you'll be able to join us on July 7th in Kilburn for 3 great bands, readings, and art – and a special appearance all the way from Fresno by Sarah E Melville.Love in an Elevator is a wonderful story – even though I've spent all morning with Aerosmith in my head (not necessarily a bad thing)

  2. It's a great story, Sandie. I left a comment on it there but only just remembered to come back here and nudge any followers who hadn't already read it to go there NOW.

  3. Hey Sandie,I've been working at Johnston & Alcocks literary agency as an intern and I came across your submission. I couldn't stop reading- so I passed it on to Ed (who has told me he's been in contact with you). I am so pleased! Please keep me informed of how you get on- it is so exciting!much love, helen x

  4. Hi Helen, so glad you liked my submission and thanks for passing it on but I did get a rejection slip from Johnston & Alcock earlier this week (signed by you!!). Nobody else has been in touch, so I suspect your guy wasn't as keen. But thanks for checking out the blog!

  5. Oh my god! I'm so sorry- well, I thought you were fabulous! I'm right at the bottom of the heap at the moment so I have absolutely no say- in anything! How are you getting on now? Who are you sending your work off to? To be honest, when reading the slush pile, alot of the stuff you just do not want to keep reading- but yours definately intrigued me.Definately keep on trying/sending off- because it is basically down to luck. I love writing and would love to be a writer, but I do not think I have the patience- not just yet anyway :). Keep in touch, I personally would love to read some more of your stuff xxxx

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