Thoughts from The Shed…

I’ve decided, as a little creative aside, to make some films. This has so far been great fun – getting to grips with film editing software has been fascinating… though I’m a long way from being able to produce anything polished – but too polished is not the intent here. I figured a few meandering ramblings could, perhaps, be used to liven up my blog – to entertain, if nothing else.

From Thoughts from the Shed

Along those lines, this first film is intended as nothing more than a bit of fun. I’ve edited the hour-long version… which was, I now discover, FAR too long for a film. Brevity again. I do need to learn the art. However, this is the first third of the original recording – edited, with songs and a grainy black and white treatment which is far more flattering than reality – though for some reason three minutes got chopped off when I uploaded this, so I end a little abruptly (but am not fiddling with this one any further as it was merely a prototype and will probably be deleted once I’ve done the first proper film).

Subsequent films in the “Thoughts from The Shed” series might involve short excerpts from my manuscripts, themed waffle and perhaps a song or two. I have SO many ideas for these films – but time constraints will not permit over-flooding this page with offerings so I shall need to exercise self-control… ho ho ho.

3 Replies to “Thoughts from The Shed…”

  1. I'm following you as instructed, Sandie, and I hope plenty of others do and it has the desired effect. I watched your video before but didn't comment. Film-making's so absorbing – be careful it doesn't cut into your writing even more than you expect. I made a trailer for a novel and got hooked.One final thought – nothing wrong with screw tops for wine. The sooner they all go for them, the better.

  2. Thanks for signing up, Bill. You're right about the film-making… it *could* become a distraction – it's fascinating and the sort of thing to which I could easily become addicted. A vote in favour of screw tops, eh? Why's this? Speed of access or ecological reasons?

  3. Speed of access, too many scars on hands and fingers from dodgy corkscrews, and (surprise, surprise) conversations with French wine makers. Yes, even French ones are dispensing with some of the myths. But as long as they all keep making the stuff, I won't mind if they wrap it up in nappies (clean ones, of course).

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