My work is almost done…

No it’s not. My work has barely started. Final chapters may be almost complete, but weeks… nay, months… of editing lie ahead.

But it feels like I’m nearly finished. And this is a Good Feeling to savour after 18 months spent juggling with a swell of random notes, the tearing out of hair, late, late nights in my chilly shed… and enough cigarettes smoked to create at least a small, book-sized hole in the ozone layer.
And so we come to PR… and this blog – wherein I will attempt to wow with wit and convince any lurking industry professionals of my potential, my sanity, my dedication, and my ability to deliver (and which, I have no doubt, my friends will undo instantly with their inane LEWDO fixations… please, friends, no!)
Back to the shed…

9 Replies to “My work is almost done…”

  1. this blog is no laughing has a weighty, serious, professional, writerly feel about will become a grand address to ponder and contemplate Important Literary Issues, and to cheer this earnest, sober, solemn Author on her way to Writing Glory.there is no room for frivolous jackanapes on this Blog.

  2. Seriously. Am I the only writer remaining in the world without a blog? Why is it I can write a novel, but when I sit down to blog, I'm a complete blank? Ah, but I like to read blogs. Added this one to my faves.

  3. Sorry, I appear to have stumbled upon a *serious* literary place.Oh no, wait, it's Dent. What was I thinking?I believe I have something here for the serious writer… ah yes, here it is…*wink*

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