A Plot, a Pen and some Peace

I’ve spent this week working on a pitch and outline for a new WIP which I’d started to write blind a few months ago and for which I needed focus.

Now, finally, I have the shortest pitch I’ve ever written (!!) and am therefore thrilled to announce my retirement to the Den to write the book.

There’s no internet access in there. It’s above the garage, away from the house, and cannot pick up the WiFi. It’s also brick-built and heavily insulated so neither can I pick up the free BT Fon which floats in the air throughout town.

In short, my Den is quiet, comfy and appropriately cut off… no excuse for distraction.

The new WIP is called The Town That Danced and, for anyone remotely interested, my Shortest Ever (!!) Pitch is:

A barmaid’s curse, experimental ice-cream flavours and a glut of Chinese lanterns – what exactly is causing the mass insanity in sleepy Mardow-by-Sea? A prophetic vagrant and a rebellious owl seem to know, but can Aelita – hired to promote the resort – decipher their clues and save the town before she too succumbs to the madness?

It’s a story of human excess – what happens when this is totally unchecked. How far will people go? It’s a serious story but with (I hope!) lots of dark humour… I haven’t been this excited about writing something in a long, long time. The basic premise began as one of a town going mad – that was what I wanted to write: people, en masse, indulging their inner voices. I’ve since read about medieval dancing plagues (thanks to Freddie for the pointer, as I’d never heard of them) which I found fascinating and which fit my story, so I’ve incorporated elements of those phenomena into the plot and am really pleased with how it’s all come together.

Got to go… 5k words down, only another 75k to go..!