Perfect darkness.

Often late to the party, I persist in exploring new music (that’s new to me). Partly it’s because I subscribe to Apple Music and feel I ought to get my money’s worth – and so each month I make sure to find at least one new band or artist to justify the £9.99 fee. But equally, it’s about the continued quest, which mitigates against becoming stuck in a rut (of which I am eternally fearful as I think it leads to decline).

me, with my gorgeous headphones

So I’ve amassed a large collection of old, new and oft experimental stuff and, more recently, have invested in an amazing bluetooth player for the house and some totally funky and fabulous can’t-get-enough-of-them headphones for the rail travel I’m now doing lots of… and also for in the bath.

Which is where the “perfect darkness” comes in, as I love to lie there, by candlelight, cosy and warm, and lose myself inside these gorgeous headphones. It’s also the title of album and song from one of my more recent band finds.

A tiny taste of what I’ve found over recent months:

Adna – multiple albums – this song ‘Overthinking’ is from the album ‘Closure’ and is perfect bathing music. In fact, I think I only ever listen to Adna in the bath.

Agnes Obel – no idea how I came about this one, but again multiple albums and this song – Poem about Death – in particular is of the experimental vein, only enjoyed when in the right mood and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea:

Bear with me, they’re not all as weird as this one…

Ah, but dammit… there’s Camille – utterly fabulous, but also utterly weird. So many of her songs I adore, and she sings the best version of Too Drunk To Fuck’ ( as Nouvelle Vague). However, today I’m sharing her wonderful cabaret-to-punk-esque ‘Cats and Dogs’, which is just amazing, I love it. Here she is singing it live:

ElsianceNobody Knows – wonderful sound… another bathing toon. I just love her voice, though too much of it becomes melancholy.

Fatoumata Diawara – I think I came across her on a Radio 3 music show – wonderful sound, lots of albums to choose from, this song is called Sowa.

Finally… though I could easily go on… a fantastic band I discovered (late, yes!) through being an avid fan of Walking Dead – a brilliant TV series with a fantastic soundtrack. The band is Fink, the album the Perfect Darkness of this blog title, and the song is Warm Shadow.

I do love finding ‘new’ music, and I love sharing it – if you have any fabulous finds, please post them in the comments below!